Customer Testimonials

Tim Bot is an insightful and talented executive coach. He helped me better understand my strengths as well as things that can get in the way of my success. We worked together to find opportunities to leverage my talents, make greater contributions to the success of others, and become more aware of behaviors that take away from my primary goals. Tim’s guidance and insights helped me become more self aware, confident, and courageous.  Having experienced Tim’s coaching and results first hand while I was in transition after relocating to MN, I wouldn’t hesitate to include him on any preferred list of leadership coaches and presenters. If you're looking for a strategic talent consultant/coach to collaborate on a range of leadership challenges, you would be well served to visit directly with Tim about the services he can provide and business results he's achieved in organizations and with individual leaders. I certainly benefited from working with Tim. I think you and/or members of your organization will too. Janey Gohl, HR Executive - Bosch North America 

Tim was an integral reason our team was  able to successfully improve the culture at our site.  His insight, passion and leadership was critical to our success in building an intentional culture around Lean Principles.  In fact, the site recently received a Shingo Award recognizing Lean Excellence!  Terrance Brick, Vice President, Operations - Boston Scientific, Inc.
Tim has been instrumental in my growth professionally and personally.  He took the time to truly help me understand where my strengths were as well as my opportunities.   From there he has helped me develop in some key areas that had been holding me back in my career at the same time we focused on improving on my strengths.  This has been impactful to every aspect of my day to day life and helped propel my career forward.  He helped me stay focused and challenged me to improve through our coaching sessions and outside opportunities that arose when we weren’t in a session.  His ability to find root cause analysis is truly remarkable.  I found my coaching with Tim to be extremely valuable and I would highly recommend him. Michele Bryan, SR HR Manager - Proto Labs, Inc.
I recently worked with Tim to both clarify goals for the next phase of my life and to determine whether to proceed with consulting or ongoing employment opportunities. Tim's insight and probing questions were critical in clarifying and prioritizing my professional and personal strengths, competencies, needs and desires.  Peter Spink
I recently had the opportunity to work with Tim Bot as I went through a job transition. Tim took the time to get to know me and to understand what was important to me. With that foundation, he helped me better understand myself, establish objectives and chart a course. Throughout our meetings, Tim provided appropriate doses of insight and guidance. I especially appreciated Tim’s perspective. For instance, Tim helped me understand how something I considered a weakness would be perceived as an attribute by many employers/company leaders. Tim’s ability to provide this type of insight was one of the most valuable benefits of our meetings and it positively impacted my confidence (and results!) during my job search. I had a very positive coaching experience with Tim and highly recommend him!  Becky Reinemann, Senior HR Leader - Hawkins